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The Pusher

During this investigation we were able to catch an awesome phenomenon. After a person had an unpleasant experience and a cleansing was started upstairs, a team member went into the basement where she was met with harsh voices. However she could not hear them, but the viewers on the live stream could!

Spirits and Flashlights

Can simple maglights really be used to communicate with the dead? See for yourself! When we use the maglights we are looking for the spirits to respond within about ten seconds. Oh, and we don't stop with one flashlight either!

Paranormal Evidence

This video will give you a little sample of the different types of paranormal activity that might be witnessed during an investigation. These are real and most were caught during our live streamed investigations. 

ITC Collaboration Pro

Do apps really work? Well we are certainly leery about most, but the this app has proven itself. When someone that cannot be seen (spirit) can answer or follow specific directions then it's hard to deny! This app has no words programmed in it- just phonetics of twelve different languages!! So when you hear words, those are phonetics being manipulated by spirits!!

Michael Hang On

This short video clip will allow you to hear a phenomenal EVP clip! There was no kids at this location, much less one having a melt down. And there were no adults telling  Michael to hang on!! These are real voices/ sounds from spirits!!


If you spent plenty of time in the paranormal field, you would quickly realize that coincidence really does not happen as much as you think. How many things have to happen at the same time before you start doubting the coincidence of it?


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About us

We do not charge for investigations, cleansing and attachment removals. Our team does hold ghost hunts which are charged events typically $25-$40 per person. Occasionally we hold open investigations that are free for anyone to attend (under 18 must have parental permission, ask for more details). 

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