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With years of field experience actively working locations our members are able to provide those in need with the help that they are searching for.

We are fully able to; investigate locations and document potiential paranormal activity, provide training to those looking to increase their knowledge, provide information for those trying to understand what might be occurring at their location, treat/ cleanse negative locations, work with individuals to remove negative attachments, provide first hand experience at locations known to have paranormal activity, and hold talks/ lectures about the paranormal field.

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Like most teams we certainly investigate locations. Unlike most teams, we will work with clients and those that are interested in learning more about this field. The best way of learning of course is through hands on training. 

Education is knowledge and knowledge is power!

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Live Investigation

During this live investigation, our youngest investigator to date joined us to see what is really like to interact with the other side. Children, with the proper guidance and location, can successfully learn this field. Hopefully this will enable the field to grow as these young investigators become seasoned in their experiences.

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