Elite Paranormal Society

Based in Keedysville, Maryland

Welcome to our website

If you are interested in the paranormal or are experiencing unexplained activity, then you are at the right website!

Our team performs investigations, live streams investigations, holds weekly live interactive discussions about the paranormal, treats locations experiencing negative activity, works with individuals that may have attachments and much more!

Elite Paranormal Society

We live stream investigations and make them interactive so the viewers can experience for themselves what is possible in the paranormal field. Without the scripts and spooky music and possible special effects, the viewer can judge for themselves what is real or not.

Everyone is welcome to our page- skeptics, believers and those in between!

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man holding gray dagger


Below are an assortment of photos.

All photos are real. No tricks or gimmicks. Many of the scratches occurred during our live investigations. 

paranormal attack Janie scratched several times
paranormal talks interviewing team medium
strange mist looks like a rider on a horse
flashlights paranormal tools and equipment
paranormal attack bite mark
Moundsville West Virginia State Penitentiary
paranormal attack, scratches, not demonic
orb above flashlight
orbs in a church dust
paranormal activity strange mist and orbs
the KOA haunted house creekside manor
manifestation of an apparition or spirit energy
Revolutionary Tomb, cemetery
Another paranormal attack on Janie
Boxes stacked by unseen energy
haunted house, KOA
orb in field
 anomaly after paranormal activity
Freddie and Robert during EPS ParaTalk show
Medium Janie Harris
Paranormal Investigators Robert and Freddie
EPS twin crosses, cemetery
Cemetery in winter
Self inflicted injuries during possession
Night time at Harpers Ferry, WV orb
Ballroom at the Temple
paranormal attack, hand print on my daughter
paranormal investigator Freddie Johnson
paranormal attack scratches down the back of Janie's neck
Paranormal investigator Robert Murphy
Lead investigator Robert Murphy, double crosses
haunted figurines
Paranormal Investigator Robert Murphy in a cemetery
Medium Janie Harris explaining what she is picking up.
Chair at the haunted house at the KOA in Williamsport Maryland
Cover of Robert Murphy's book
Freddie Johnson paranormal attack scratches
Paranormal equipment
Team investigating with our youngest guest Laicey
Paranormal Investigator Robert Murphy in the basement of the Haunted House at the KOA in Williamsport MD
Moundsville prison
anomaly moving in front of the camera
paranormal equipment, the Devil's Toybox
forest during clear skies
man holding string lights
Vase at the haunted house
Apparition caught in picture. On the right side of the frame.
Ouija Board
orbs for all those orb lovers
Paranormal Investigator Freddie Johnson at Colorfest in Thurmont Maryland 2019
basement of masonic temple
just outside of the dressing room at the temple
this haunted doll was spiked to the wall because workers reported that the doll kept moving to different locations
Paranormal investigator Robert Murphy and Medium Janie Harris
forgotten time, old cemetery, headstone in ruin
EPS Lead Investigator Robert Murphy
Paranormal Investigator Shawn Harris
bite mark paranormal attack
EPS Founder and Lead Investigator Robert Murphy's car
haunted house decor
Paranormal Investigators Freddie Johnson reviewing audio
paranormal investigator Freddie Johnson scratched while filming, paranormal attack
Old headstone on the Outer Banks, North Carolina
Lead investigator Robert Murphy saging. This was part of a cleansing process.
paranormal graphics
Lead Investigator Robert Murphy using a robe and cross as a trigger at a negative location during a live paranormal investigation
paranormal investigator Shawn Harris at the Graffiti Highway in Pennsylvania
woman reading book beside bookshelf
awesome paranormal graphics, wiccan
Founder and Lead investigator Robert Murphy at Boonsboro Days in Boonsboro Maryland 2019
woman in red top
woman reaching her arms on camera

Team Members

These are the team members that make up Elite Paranormal Society

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Robert Murphy

Founder/ Lead Investigator

Janie Harris

Team Medium
Performs readings at and remotely

Freddie Johnson

Control/ Investigator/ Co-Host

Shawn Harris

Tech/ Camera man/ Bouncer

Team member

Future Member

Team member

Future Member

Team member

Future Member

Team member

Future Member

Elite Paranormal Society


5 Hoot Owl Ct
Keedysville, MD, 21756, US

About us

We do not charge for investigations, cleansing and attachment removals. Our team does hold ghost hunts which are charged events typically $25-$40 per person. Occasionally we hold open investigations that are free for anyone to attend (under 18 must have parental permission, ask for more details). 

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